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Village in the Rainforest

The village in the rainforest

The picturesque village of Kuranda was officially surveyed on the 23rd October, 1888 and is situated 27km from Cairns, between 1,000 and 1,500 feet above sea level. The Kuranda Village has seen many episodes in its colourful history, from the railway which began in 1885 to the recently completed Skyrail. Kuranda is known for its cool climate and lush tropical rainforest which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, substantially swelling the population by day. At night, the rainforest peace returns, making this an idyllic place to live a tranquil lifestyle.

Tourism came to Kuranda in the 1920’s and the Kuranda village became well known as a romantic destination for the honeymoon couples! They would arrive by train and then would row across the Barron River to “Fairyland” (end of Fairyland Road) and “Paradise” (Paradise in the Rainforest on the right hand side 2 km before the Kennedy Highway bridge.) This continued until the Second World War which ended the tourism industry.

Plenty of business and employment opportunities in tourism attract increasing numbers to settle here, creating a vibrant and cosmopolitan community full of colourful characters. The current population is approximately 6,500 including the outlaying rural areas and is rapidly growing. There are ¼ acre village blocks, 1 acre lots in the immediate residential areas and 5 acre lots in the rural surrounds.

In the early 70’s, Kuranda once again became known as a tourist destination with its title – ‘ The Village in the Rainforest’ and Kuranda was promoted as the air conditioned suburb of Cairns. The Kuranda village has now grown to become an international tourist destination and provides an attractive climate away from the humidity of Cairns in a beautiful rainforest environment.

First National are proud to be a part of community and strives to provide a vital service to the Kuranda and surrounds population. We are Locals looking after Locals

What to see in kuranda?

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    Kuranda railway
    Kuranda railway is a daily tourist trip from Cairns to Kuranda.
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